Article by KPC Media | KPC News | July 12, 2019

AUBURN — Auburn Brewing Company will release its first beer using 100% hops from Freels Family Farm of Auburn tonight.

Austin Freels of Freels Family Farm will join Auburn Brewing Company for the release at 8 p.m., along with an announcement of a partnership with Freels Family Farm.

“Creating partnerships with local farmers is very important to us to Auburn Brewing Company,” the business said in a news release. “As a new, locally owned and operated business, we want to help lift up other small local businesses just like ours. ABC strives to use ingredients that are as local as possible.”

Auburn Brewing Company owners Josh and Emma Metcalf said they are “so grateful to have local farmers who are willing to grow together.”

Emma Metcalf added, “The atmosphere we have created is relaxed. We wanted people to feel like they could come by themselves, with friends or family and just chill, play games, enjoy friendly conversations or watch the game, etc. We think creating these partnerships with our local farmers just creates this amazing full-circle effect.”

“We are excited for the Freels Family Farms to be able to contribute a unique taste in hops, locally grown, locally brewed and locally enjoyed,” said a statement from Austin and Ashley Freels of Freels Family Farm.

The Freels Family Farm is a “local hop farm growing a variety of hops. We put the first poles in three years ago and have expanded with new varieties every year. One in particular, Yakima Gold, is relatively new, offering a unique tasting experience. We are thankful to have a local brewery willing to create new recipes and experiment with this new generation of hops,” Austin Freels said.

“Austin’s interest in hops piqued my interest in a plant systematics class at Manchester College where we learned about their growth cycles, rapid growth and genetic makeup. When choosing a low-acreage crop to grow on our small, 5-acre farm, the thought resurfaced. The Freelses enjoy locally brewed beer with friends and family, and the Auburn Brewing Company allows our locally grown hops to contribute to the craft brew atmosphere. Nothing feels better than a locally grown, locally made, and an organic conversations brewed out of friendship and brought together over a glass,” Ashley Freels said.

“We both believe local ingredients simply make better, fresher beer for you to enjoy,” she added.

Auburn Brewing Company is a local brewery that creates small-batch, craft beer. It opened in November of 2018 in an early 1900s former service station. The company said it is a local brewpub designed to bring the community together by providing a comfortable environment, offering traditional and modern beer styles, all while sharing knowledge of beer design. It strives to be a positive member of the Auburn and surrounding communities with its giving program, Beer4Good.

The Metcalfs said they have loved being a part of downtown Auburn and are excited to include the community in the development and future of their business. They said their motto is: “Drink local, learn, interact, and give back!”

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Sarina Harig