Students Complete Career Development Program

Article by Sue Carpenter | KPC News | May 17, 2019

GARRETT — Seven Garrett High School seniors were recognized during an inaugural Career Development Program signing day Wednesday afternoon in the school cafeteria.

The newly minted program at Garrett seeks to encourage students to explore training, mentorship and programs that develop their skills in manufacturing and construction. The result has been a success, according to program director Chad Sutton.

“This has been an exciting first year of learning for us and our students,” Sutton said. “We are proud of them for all they have accomplished.”

This year, seven seniors secured employment in the construction industry. Wednesday’s signing day was organized to recognize the students’ hard work and the paths they are pursuing. Students successfully completed the integrated program and signed with local companies as new employees.

“There are lots of opportunities out there for our students to create economic freedom for themselves and their community,” Sutton said. “It is our job as adults to show them these learning opportunities — to create environments where they can be passionate about learning and developing, while still being creative.”

During Wednesday’s program, the seniors were recognized by their peers, teachers, local business owners and politicians for their hard work while earning college credit and National Center for Construction Education and Research credentials. Students who also participated in the school’s construction trade class last year are considered two-year members of the program

Students completing the program and their employers include:

• Camden Bodey, daughter of John and Kami Bodey, successfully interviewed with Luke Hoffman of Granite Ridge Builders and accepted the position of construction superintendent. Bodey plans to continue her education at Ivy Tech to pursue a degree in construction management and to further her passion in real estate and design while working for Granite Ridge. She has been a student in the Career Development Program for two years studying construction trades, earning four NCCER credentials and 18 Ivy Tech dual credits.

• Steven Wilmore, son of George and Mary Wilmore, successfully job-shadowed Greg Heal of Hard Surface by Design. Wilmore performed in class, and his performance was noted by Heal. During class, Wilmore learned to install hard surfaces and followed his desire to be successful in construction. Wilmore is a one-year student in the Career Development Program studying construction trades, earning four NCCER credentials and nine Ivy Tech dual credits.

• Alex Thomas, son of Marty Thomas and Amie Thomas, successfully earned employment on his own with Tim Shrontz, owner of Custom Drywall. Sutton said Thomas knew what he wanted to do and went after it, adding Thomas always has talked about interior finishes. “He has a knack and is talented,” Sutton added. Thomas is a two-year member of the Career Development Program studying construction trades, earning four NCCER credentials and 18 Ivy Tech credits.

• Dylon Halsey Jr., son of Heather Halsey, interviewed and was hired by Wayne and Brian Weller of Weller Electric. Sutton said Halsey always talked about wanting to learn the electrical trade and described him as a focused and driven individual. Halsey plans to eventually start electrical apprenticeship with ABC, a four-year program with 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. He is a one year CDP student studying construction trades, earned four NCCER Credentials and nine Ivy Tech dual credits.

• Sam Farney, son of Roger and Nola Farney, was recruited into the program during his junior year. Farney successfully interviewed with Matt Gerbers of Shambaugh & Son and also with Chris Brown, director of training for the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union No. 166. Farney will begin his apprenticeship program with Local Union 166 this year. The four-year program includes 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. He is a one-year Career Development Program student, earnin four NCCER credentials and nine Ivy Tech dual credits.

Two seniors successfully interviewed with Dave VanDerbosch and were hired by the City of Garrett Electric Department.

• Alex King, the son of Chuck and Michelle King, plans to begin his four-year apprenticeship with the Indiana Municipal Electric Association Lineworkers program that includes 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. He is a two-year Career Development Program student in construction trades, earning four NCCER credentials and 18 Ivy Tech dual credits.

• Jacob Humes, son of Ryan Humes, already has begun his four-year apprenticeship with the Indiana Municipal Electric Association program that requires 8,000 hours of on-the-job training. He is a two-year member of the Career Development Program and has earned four NCCER credentials and 18 Ivy Tech dual credits.

Nine junior students are participating in the program through summer employment. They include Tristan Thomas with H & L Electric, Clayton Conrad and Ben Hatton with Strebig Construction, and Brandon Gater, Calvin Gardner, Romano Ritenour and Robert McNay with the Garrett-Keyser- Butler School District.

In 2018, 6.7 million jobs were available in the labor industry. The Career Development Program aims to provide an alternative to student loans and a promising job right out of high school. The program can be started as early as fifth grade, equipping students with skills, experience, and connections to be successful in their chosen fields. 

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Sarina Harig