Spencerville Dollar General Approved

Article by KPC Media | KPC News | Marhc 30, 2019

SPENCERVILLE — The DeKalb County Plan Commission Wednesday approved plans for a 9,100- square-foot commercial development southwest of the intersection of S.R. 1 and Keesler Street in Spencerville.

Spencerville Partners LLC had requested a plat vacation and development plan approval for the project.

Friday, DeKalb County Zoning Administrator Chris Gaumer said a Dollar General store will be constructed at the site.

Gaumer said the Plan Commission’s approval was unanimous. Construction of the store is expected to begin this month, he added.

Dollar General already operates stores in Auburn, Butler, Garrett, Waterloo and Hamilton.

In December, the DeKalb County Commissioners had approved rezoning of the store site along the west side of S.R. 1, north of Spencerville’s main intersection.

In September last year, the Plan Commission sent an unfavorable recommendation to rezone a different plot of land at the corner of S.R. 1 and C.R. 68 in Spencerville from agricultural to neighborhood commercial use. The request, filed by Lynn Reinhart of Butler, did not state the intended use of the property, but social media posts indicated plans for the possible construction of a Dollar General store on that property. In October, the DeKalb County Commissioners denied the petition, citing concerns about that location on a curve in the state highway. 

Article source: https://www.kpcnews.com/butlerbulletin/article_533e71b2-67f5-5e27-9977-ce12fa10c168.html

Sarina Harig