Auburn Hires Designer for Skatepark

Article by Dave Kurtz | KPC News | April 26, 2019

AUBURN — A contract for design of a skate park in Auburn was approved Thursday by the city’s Board of Public Works and Safety.

Hunger Skateparks of Bloomington will design a skate park on the site of the former city swimming pool next to Eckhart Park on South Cedar Street.

Mayor Norm Yoder said he selected Hunger Skateparks with the help of an advisory group made up of students in grades 6-8. He and the students visited existing skate parks, including one in Delphi designed by Hunger Skateparks.

“I want to involve kids in something that is a passion of theirs,” where they learn they can change things, Yoder said. “It’s really important to me to have them involved.”

Auburn’s contract calls for Hunger Skateparks to deliver a design for an Auburn skate park by June 1. Yoder aims to build the park this year, the last of his 20 years as mayor.

“They’re skateboarders from way back,” Yoder said about the designers from Hunger Skateparks, who also would construct the park if hired to do so.

Yoder said a “high estimate” of the park’s cost is set at $350,000. He said using the pool site would save $150,000 by not demolishing it.

“We’d very much like to raise the money privately,” Yoder said. “Most of the parks have been built that way.” 

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Sarina Harig