Hospital Auxiliary Donates to DeKalb Health

Article by KPC Media | KPC News | March 13, 2019 

AUBURN — The DeKalb Memorial Hospital Fundraising Guild, also known as the Hospital Auxiliary, made a donation of $52,627 to DeKalb Health during its meeting Monday.

The donation will be used to upgrade security camera systems across DeKalb Health sites, including Butler, Garrett, West Seventh Street, Smaltz Way and the entire DeKalb Health campus on East Seventh Street.

The auxiliary’s mission is to support DeKalb Health through donations and volunteer services. Over the past 54 years, it has made significant donations to fund specific items totaling more than $500,000. The Hospital Auxiliary raises funds primarily through its nonprofit specialty resale and thrift store, The Curiosity Shop, and through the hospital gift shop known as Serendipity Gift Shop.

The newly renovated Curiosity Shop site in Garrett opened in July 2016 after moving from a building near downtown Auburn where it was located for about 25 years.

Each year, the auxiliary asks the hospital what it needs and then determines the amount it will be donating. This year, the donation will be able to cover almost the entire cost of the hardware for the safety project, except for the man-hours needed to set it up, according to Tasha Eicher, president and CEO of DeKalb Health. Plans are to begin the project this month.

“We are very grateful to the auxiliary and for the gift they have given,” Eicher said. “We chose this project because it will be able to touch many people. It will keep our patients, team and guests safe.”

The DeKalb Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Guild consists of more than 70 men and women who volunteer their time and talents. In addition to their fundraising efforts, volunteer members of the auxiliary serve in various roles including greeting and welcoming visitors, helping people find their way, serving as gift shop and Curiosity Shop clerks and acting as hosts and hostesses to specific areas. Additionally, the guild has awarded scholarships and student loans to students pursuing education in health-care-related fields.

The Curiosity Shop is open Tuesday-Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 1209 S. Randolph St., Garrett. The shop is accepting donations for resale items.

The Curiosity Shop is also seeking volunteers, who are members of the Hospital Auxiliary. Any interested person may pick up an application at the Garrett store.

To learn more, people may visit the DeKalb Health Facebook page or the website 

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Sarina Harig