Roundabout Coming to Auburn

Article by Dave Kurtz | KPC News | December 19, 2018

AUBURN — Spring 2019 should see construction of a large roundabout south of Auburn at the intersection of C.R. 427 and C.R. 11-A.

Heron Development will build the roundabout as the main entrance for its Heron Lake development immediately east of the intersection.

The roundabout also will serve as the south gateway into Auburn, the development company says.

The DeKalb County Redevelopment Commission has pledged $225,000 toward the roundabout, as a 50/50 match for what Heron Development spends.

A design for the roundabout will be submitted to the Auburn Plan Commission soon, said Stephen Brown, managing partner for Heron Development.

Building the roundabout should take about 90 days, and can be accomplished without closing the intersection to traffic, Brown said.

His company hopes to finish it before the May auction at nearby Auburn Auction Park.

“While the construction window is intended to be brief, minimal traffic disruption is a project goal,” the company says on its website,

Brown said the proposed roundabout is much larger than those built recently on Union Chapel Road, north of Fort Wayne, near Interstate 69.

“Those roundabouts would fit within the greenspace of our roundabouts,” he said. Preliminary drawings show the roundabout at about 80 yards wide.

The local roundabout would be similar in size to those being built in suburban Indianapolis, Brown said.

When Heron Lake is fully developed, traffic at the site is expected to double in the future, Brown said.

“We needed to do some type of substantial improvement,” he said. “The roundabout ended up being the best solution” for its safety and ability to move traffic.

“We investigated signalization,” he said. “The problem is with the curvature of the road, that was just not going to be an ideal way of handling it, in addition to the maintenance expense” for county government.

Heron Development is donating up to 1.5 acres of land needed for the roundabout, Brown said.

Plans for Heron Lake show 180 residential units, with 90 on water frontage. Brown said the development company is wrapping up its first phase of 33 lots. Next year’s phase two will add 70 lots.

Of the first six homes now under construction, two are model homes and four are owned by new residents, Brown said. 

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