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There are four public school districts and one private in DeKalb County:

  • Garrett-Keyser-Butler Community School District

  • Hamilton Community School District

  • DeKalb Eastern Community School District

  • DeKalb Central Community School District

  • Lakewood Park Christian Schools (Private)

There are seven elementary schools, two middle schools, one junior-senior high school, and three high schools.


Post-Secondary Education


Market Distance

  • Direct access to key markets without high cost of doing business here.

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  • I-69 connecting DeKalb County to Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, & Great Lake Regions.

  • I-80/90 is located 30 miles north of DeKalb County allowing easy access to prime markets & major cities.

  • US 6 as well as IN-1, 3, 8, 101, 205, 327, & 427 run through DeKalb County.

Car Rental, Limo, & Taxi Service

  • Many choices in ground transportation including several car rental agencies.

  • Limo and Taxi services are also located using Yellow Pages. Rates & services vary.


  • CSX & Norfolk Southern provide rail freight service to the area.

  • Carriers maintain local reciprocal switching agreements.

  • Rail passenger service is available at the Amtrak Terminal in Waterloo.


  • DeKalb County Airport Authority (GWB) has a 5000 ft runway and an Instrument Landing System (ILS).

    • AWOS 124.14

    • UNICOM 123.0

    • FW Approach 126.6

    • Pilot Lounge, Meeting Rooms, Concierge Services, & FBO-Century Aviation.

  • Fort Wayne International Airport (FWA) is 30 miles from DeKalb County

    • Multiple airlines with approximately 100 nonstop flights daily.

    • 12,000 ft runway (one of the longest in the nation


  • Burns International Harbor is a 3 hour drive from DeKalb County. Norfolk Southern provides direct access to the harbor.

    • The harbor is 500 acres and is located on Lake Michigan. They offer a comprehensive list of services including year-round barge access to Atlantic ocean and Gulf of Mexico.

    • Also provides access to 22 states and 40% of the U.S. Market.

  • Toledo-Lucas County Port is approximately 2 hours from DeKalb County.

    • Diversified world cargo hub on the Great Lakes/Saint Lawrence Seaway system.

    • Full service regional airport.

    • Two of U.S. major highways.

    • Ohio’s busiest passenger rail terminal.


Electrical providers

  • Electricity is provided by several utility entities in DeKalb County.

    • Steuben County REMC

    • NIPSCO

    • AEP: Indiana Michigan Power

    • City of Garrett

    • City of Auburn

    • Noble REMC

Natural Gas Providers

  • Supplied throughout DeKalb County by NIPSCO.

Telecommunications Providers

  • Includes telephone, cable, & internet in DeKalb County.

    • MediaCom

    • Verizon

    • AT & T

    • Auburn Essential Services

Municipal Water & Sewer Services

  • Most of the cities & towns in DeKalb County provide water, sanitary, and storm sewer to development within their jurisdictional areas.